Tina is a teacher and worked as a behavioral coach for the past 6 years. She recently published a book and transitioned into giving speeches to her former peers. Her new role requires a stylish, powerful and expensive looking presence to match her speaking fees.

“The reason I felt I needed a personal stylist was because I was a key speaker at a National Convention, presenting myself in front of hundreds of people.

I was fully aware that appearance and style will boost my confidence and credibility. My goal was to look and feel my best and be taken seriously as a professional. So, if I wanted to look professional, I figured I should hire someone who IS a professional to help me achieve that. While I don’t think I have a “bad” sense of style, I know it’s not my area of expertise! 

This is where Diana was SO helpful!  I don’t tend to know what I want until I see something and even then I’m not 100% confident with it.  When I told her about my presentation she asked me a lot of questions about the event and then she was able to get a vision and help me with what I needed.  She had ideas for me that I would have never thought of and they were fantastic!  That’s what I love about it. 

I was only thinking about the one day that I would be presenting but she had me thinking about the other two days that I would be interacting with people throughout the day – even at a casual level.  She helped me understand the importance of presenting myself as a professional at ALL times when in that environment. And it paid off – BIG TIME!  The event was a huge success for me: I booked on the spot  3 speaking engagements worth 2700 $ and I can say that without a doubt that looking professional each day was an important part of that success. 

After working with Diana I realized that her approach to shopping is very different from mine. I usually rush to a store, look at something on the mannequin or rack, and if I like it – find my size and try it on.  I would buy outfits in ONE store on ONE day. Now, I have learned that putting looks together for an important event, or otherwise, requires planning. You need a vision, you have to think about what you want in advance and take the time to see different stores to find the ideal pieces. I also learned that it’s important to think about ALL aspects of the event. 

Diana worked very well on my budget!  She only encouraged me to spend money on things that I would use  in the future, instead of just buying a piece that I would wear only once. I appreciate that since I have to work on a budget.  She tried to find sales for me and she also cared about the quality of the clothing

I would highly recommend using Diana as a personal stylist for whatever your need may be. Whether it’s for daily wardrobe, creating a new look, or for a specific event – she will help you not only look your best, but FEEL your best in your outfits! “

Tina Schuler

Why I hired a Personal stylist