“Everyone is unique and my services reflect that. Providing the best experience and customer service is of the most importance to me”


Style is not a display of wealth (1)


A three hours closet audit where I will look at your existing wardrobe for the current season. This process clears clutter and allows me to find the missing pieces. Most of the times I create new outfits from what you already have – it’s not necessarily about buying new. A closet consultation is the best way to begin building a fully functioning wardrobe. We’ll discuss fabrics, cuts, colors, and styles. What is flattering and why.

Two seasons are covered per appointment, either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. Closet consultation price: $550 for up to three hours.  If you have a bigger closet that will take longer than three hours, a second session may be necessary.

Add on – closet organization starting at $150 (one hour)

SHOPPING – starting at  $225.

I will introduce you to current trends and styles that are flattering and relevant to your style and  can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe to keep it fresh. FUN! Usually done after a closet or style consultation. You have two options: we can shop together or I will shop for you. With either choice, I’ll keep within your budget to purchase pieces that work with your existing wardrobe and fit your needs and lifestyle.

As the seasons change and events arise, we’ll keep working together to make sure you have everything you need and keep your look fresh. Shopping with a pro  is also wonderful if you have a special occasion like a wedding, ball, or fancy-dress party. Or maybe you’ve got a big interview, conference on the horizon and you want to be looking your best!

I will design a personalized shopping trip and I will show you how to shop smart: where to splurge and where to save.  Items are pre-selected and pulled for you. I will teach you how to recognize what best suits your body type and lifestyle and how to effortlessly create an overall look that you’ll love.

Shopping destinations are selected based on your preferences and budget requirements. You’ll end the shopping trip with great pieces that work for you and that will look great with minimal time and effort on your part.

Two hours minimum- starting at  $225. Each additional hour is $80.

Hourly rate includes New Wardrobe Summary.

Additional shopping options:

I do all the work without you having to step one foot in the mall! Your new clothes are delivered to your doorstep, and a personal fitting takes place in the comfort of your own home. Returns and exchanges are included in the price!

Wardrobe refresh

Base charge of $225. Includes a two-hours in-home personal fitting (after shopping), returns/exchanges and a typed New Wardrobe Summary. Additional charges based on items kept: 1-9 items=$25 item, over 10 items=$20/item. (Per item charge does not include the price of clothing.)

You just need a few items?

Give me at least 24 hour notice and I will deliver the pieces at your doorstep. Price – base charge of $250. Additional charges based on items kept: 1-2 items=$50/item, 3-4 items=$40/item (Per item charge does not include the price of clothing)


A great choice if:

  • you prefer not to focus on the pieces in your existing wardrobe and just want help in redefining your style and taking it to the next level.
  • you want to take all the stress out of preparing for an important event you might have: big presentation, important party, first date, new job.

We will begin with a questionnaire to serve as a guideline for our work and then we’ll do a personal shopping session or create a simple report of suggested pieces and brands to try – your choice. Two hours minimum, starting at $295. Additional time $80/hour.