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What ? UStyle is an exclusive personal styling service for those who know that time is precious and image matters.

Why? Because when you look better you feel better. And when you feel better you do better. Good style means confidence, power and success.

Your outfit is a form of self-expression. The way you present yourself to the world is the image of your brand.

My gift is to see who you really are and create a unique visual representation for YOU through your wardrobe.

Does this sound familiar? – “I wish I would buy only the right clothes and accessories. I feel I’m wasting money and time on clothes that don’t fit right or do nothing for me. I’m tired of returning disappointing online purchases”

Or this? – “I need a closet detox. I want a curated, up to date wardrobe… Only great fitting pieces, fun new outfits — this could save me so much time! A neatly organized closet that will make me feel excitement and joy when getting dressed in the morning”


Ustyle rules

  • Comfort.  We all made mistakes over the years: bad footwear or cheap fabrics and ill fitting jeans. Yes, we’ve probably lost money on uncomfortable clothes and shoes just because they were ‘in’. Or because a nice sales associate said “it looks cute on you”.

Now I only shop by this one rule: if it’s uncomfortable back it goes. No exceptions!

  • Quality over quantity. Quality clothing can be found at pretty much all price points. You just have to know what you are looking for and take your time finding it. Designer or not, the first thing I always do is to I read the labels and look what garments are made from. Polyester and acrylic is something which I walk away from and advise you do the same. It won’t wash well, won’t do the environment any favors and it will not be comfortable (see #1). Brands like J.Crew, Zara, & Other Stories have beautiful clothing in wool, silk, and cotton and I always look there first.
  • A list. In my quest for the perfect style I came up with a list of year round key essential items everyone should invest in. I keep things fresh by updating it with a couple new pieces every season. Most of the times these are the exact items that my clients wardrobes are missing and once the gap is filled their wardrobe SIMPLY gets to a whole new level! This doesn’t necessarily mean that they spent a fortune, we just shopped smarter.

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