About Diana

Diana has an amazing blend of creative and analytical thinking. This combination of being right and left brained differentiates her head and shoulders from any other stylist.

Her past experience in engineering combined with fashion buying, fashion show styling and personal styling for Nordstrom, allows her to always put together fresh combinations for her clients.

Her background enables her to methodically built outfits with carefully curated proportions and textures that result in a very polished appearance while also using her creativity to infuse lots of personality into the look of her clients. Her aesthetics refrence is European chic.

She’s also able to push our clients slightly out of their comfort zone with outfits that they wouldn’t have picked out for themselves but make them feel modern and fabulous. Diana style is “classic with an edge “.

She knows the value of a perfectly fitted essential garment and is able to add elements of clothing and accessories so the end result is an overall look that is current and fun. Additionally, Diana is very well-traveled and is able to bring the glamorous European aesthetic to her clients.

Diana will save you time as she is able to sort through your existing closet, the large inventory available online and in stores, corroborate that with relevant trends and zoning on the pieces that will have the most impact for your wardrobe.



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