4 style mistakes you could fix today

Mistake number one: wearing clothes that don’t fit well

Clothes that are too tight are uncomfortable and never make you look thinner, quiet the opposite! On the other hand, baggy clothes – big and loose all over add extra weight to your frame. The more volume your clothes have, the bigger you will appear to be!

The solution is to choose clothes that skim *not cling* to the curves of your body.

Mistake number two: wearing the wrong fabric

Avoid at all costs thin fabrics that cling. They are never sexy. Instead pick fabrics that drape. Next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself: does this clings or does it drape?


Nobody wants too see your panty line

This is how a great fitting dress look like.


perfect fitting dress and top

Mistake number three: wearing the wrong neckline

If you have a big bust or wide shoulders, the goal is to show your curves without overemphasizing them and slim your torso.

Choose tops that skim the body, collars that are long and narrow. Wrap styles and v necks that elongate the neck and are universally flattering.

In the pics below you can see how the outfit on the right makes KKW  look taller, leaner and is all around more flattering.

Mistake number four: wearing the wrong color

The wrong color will make your skin look shallow, make you reach for makeup, and simply give you the wrong energy. The right color can do wanders, brighten your eyes and even out your skin tone. When you have on a color that is right you’ll know immediately.


Add to your closet these on trend, universally flattering pieces:

A flattering split-neck lace top


An Instagram worthy silk skirtsilk skirt

A classic preppy blazer


red _dress

What do you think,  is there anything you might want to change? Please share in the comments.