airoport outfit

What to wear on a plane trip.

At the beginning of the summer I came upon this article why-your-flight-attire-matters?   I kept nodding while reading it and it finally prompted me to write this post.

The outfit you wear on the plane is also the first thing you’ll wear at your destination and I would assume you always want to make a good first impression. My life involves at least four transatlantic flights every year, so by now I have a formula that never fails. Its quiet simple, really. When I travel I dress like I would normally do.

Don’t wear: Tight clothing. Do Wear: Natural, breathable fabrics- cotton , linen, merinos wool, cashmere.

Don’t wear: Yoga pants, sweatpants, pajama pants- yup, I HAVE seen at the Phoenix airport a bunch of people basically just rolled out of bed, carrying big pillows and waiting for their flight to the moon, I suppose???  We are not those people. We all want to be comfortable I get that, but please wear what you would do on the street, not lounge wear. Unless you look like Gigi Hadid. Then you’ll be just fine.

Do wear:  a flattering pair of jeans or tailored cotton pants.

Don’t wear: Warm-weather clothing.

Do wear: Layers, layers, layers, because there are a multitude of temperature changes throughout the journey.

airoport outfit

On my way to Paris

My summer flight outfit includes a pair of Citizens Of Humanity jeans, I swear by them, they are the most beautiful, flattering and comfortable jeans I have worn. On top I often wear a striped tee  a forever in  style classic  or a button down shirt. I always bring with me a cashmere hoodie if its gets chilly up in the air. The outwear could be a jacket, maybe a blazer or a  trench. As for shoes I will choose a pair of patent oxfords, or some white sneakers .

I always wear a pair of cotton socks, no bare legs in the plane…ugh.  If I take my shoes off during the flight,  I’ll wear the “plane socks”on top. My latest journey took about 24 hours in total. I wore (again) Citizens Of Humanity  jeans, a J.Crew white linen shirt, an embroidered Bomber jacket and white sneakers. All paired with a classic pieces of luggage

Gucci sneakers

This is what I wore on my last flight


What are your thoughts on the subject? I’d like to know.

XOXO, Diana



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