The secret weapon


Style tip #1 In the morning, start by thinking what shoes you feel like wearing and than build your outfit around them.

Style tip #2: Buy the best quality you can afford!  Quality means (somewhat) flexible soles, leather lined, some padding, nice stitching, smooth edges. Place the shoe on a flat, hard surface (not a carpet). Now, look at how the sole lies on the ground. If it’s not completely flat all the way to the tip, it’s a NO. Shoes with the tips arching upwards are not cool. Bottom line, a great shoe is going to elevate your whole look, really…

Style tip #3: if you go for colors other than black, make sure you follow the same rule as you do for clothing: that is, they have to look good against your skin . I have pale, cool tone skin so I chose the emerald.  Besides leopard print, the rest of my shoes are black or gold.


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