About Diana

My mission is to help women find their confidence and beauty so they can fuel their own passions just as I do every day. My goal is to guide you through a bespoke, self-discovery styling experience simply because you are one of a kind. You deserve to be seen. I believe that ultimately, your wardrobe is not just a collection of clothing and accessories but a unique and complex extension of who you are and what you stand for.

My fascination with clothes began during a summer vacation. I was 4 years old. Picture a warm, sunny day at the seaside. We were shopping and my mom bought me a warm, green shearing fur coat. I liked so much that after trying it in the store I simply refused to take it off and left with the coat on. I wore that fur coat for the whole freakin’ summer day because I liked it SO much. It was beautiful and made me feel fabulous. I’ll say that again: fabulous. I really want you to experience this feeling.

My past experience in personal styling for Nordstrom and engineering, combined with fashion buying and fashion show styling, allows me to always put together fresh combinations.

My point of view is to have a relatively (emphasis on relatively) small yet versatile wardrobe and wear it well. It’s all about quality and balance. I focus on details that others usually don’t look at.

For each piece I consider function, construction, fit and fabric. I always make sure it is all sophisticated and elevated.

I compare the role of smart styling in our wardrobes to the basic parts in a machine or code. With engineering, I learned to appreciate the fundamental elements of everything. If the foundation isn’t strong, whatever you build on top isn’t going to last. That’s my whole attitude towards style. You start by building the foundation of your wardrobe and this is going to be supporting all the other pieces you wear with it.

My approach to styling looks simple, but actually incorporates a lot of my engineering background. I will methodically build outfits with carefully curated proportions and textures that result in a very polished and well fitted appearance while also using my creativity to infuse lots of personality into the final looks.

All these details I care about are really subtle, but they’re meant for people who really understand style and appreciate quality. They want a really good, versatile, refined wardrobe they can wear with confidence without constantly needing something new.

I believe in showing up everyday and leading the best life you can. I believe that that style is ageless. There is no such thing as owning too many jeans. The simplest things in life can bring the greatest joys. Fridays every day should end with champagne.

xoxo, Diana


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