“You know, your outfit it’s a form of self-expression and its part of your brand. Your style, the way you present yourself into the world creates the image of your brand. My super power is to scientifically and creatively  transform and refine your wardrobe, find your unique style and build your personal brand. I will empower you to feel fabulous and successful in our glamour driven world”

UStyle was created as a comprehensive luxury service, exclusively for women who agree that time is precious and image matters. Women who are ready to take it to the next level and invest in themselves. UStyle is for women that realize that good style means confidence, power and success.

IS THIS YOU? – “I wish I would buy only the right clothes and accessories. I feel I’m wasting money and time on clothes that don’t fit right or do nothing for me. I’m tired of returning disappointing on-line purchases”

OR THIS? – “I need a closet detox. I want a curated, up to date wardrobe…Only great fitting pieces, fun new outfits; wow, how much time it could save me! A neatly organized closet that will make me feel excitement and joy when getting dressed in the morning”


Do you wish you could?

  • confidently step out the door every day of the week ?
  • have a well edited wardrobe that covers anything that you need while looking fresh and relevant?

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